Car cleaning and grooming cleansing agents

CAR.go professional product line

With the star of our new car cleaning product line customers can clean their car intensely and at the same time care for surfaces in and outside of the vehicle for a groomed look.
CAR.go professional UniFoamer is even suitable for delicate surfaces such as displays, speedometers, and navigation devices.

Safe space with the 5 in 1  cleaner

Safe money with up to 30 uses per unit

Save time with the easy handling of the product

Streak-free results

Excellent results on all surfaces

Intense cleaning strength and long-term care

Biodegradable formula to conserve vehicle, health, and environment

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CAR.go Professional UniFoamer 5 in 1 cleaning foam

1 cleaner for 5 uses: Plastic surfaces, seat covers, cockpit surfaces, glass, and paint

You need very little product

Economical in use, up to 30 uses per unit

Intense cleaning strength

Intensive cleaning of any and all surfaces of vehicles, both on the inside and outside for a groomed-looking vehicle. CAR.go is even suitable for delicate surfaces such as displays, speedometers, and navigation devices.

CAR.go Professional WheelCleaner Power rim cleaner

CAR.go professional Power rim cleaner for regular use is a highly efficient specialty cleaner for steel and light-alloy rims. Cleans without acid and easily removes dirt, break dust, oil, and rubber residue.

Now with a new gel formula

Powerful acid-free cleaning

Preserves materials especially well

Suitable for wheels with tire pressure control systems (TSS)

CAR.go Professional MosquitoEx power insect remover

Excellent complete removal of any kind of insect residue. Suited for surfaces on the outside of the vehicle.

Highly efficient application

Material preserving cleaning

Verified prevention and reduction of surface soiling

CAR.go Professional microfiber cloth

The CAR.go Professional microfiber cloth has two different sides. The short-piled side is particularly useful for absorbing dirt, while the long-plied side is suited for removing polish and dirt residue.

High absorption ability for water and dirt

 Lint-free and material preserving cleaning

 Ideal for all CAR.go professional products