Research and innovative products out of Leipzig

We are an innovative chemistry company that competently combines research, production, and distribution.

Our biggest focus is finding solutions for the challenges inherent to the manufacture of products containing surfactants.

Starting with the idea of a product or your goal to meet market needs we offer conception and collaboration for, among other things, subsidized research projects. We will help develop formulas, improve products or directly deliver finished products meeting your needs.

From European research projects over state-commissioned orders, development of formulas for large corporations, or our inventor-service for startups: We are by your side to support your ideas and needs.

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Our services include everything from contract research, product development, small batch production over upscaling up to regular deliveries of products to you or your customers.

Our goal is to develop highly efficient and innovative products in order to minimize hazard potential for people and the environment.

The development of our products is built on a modular system and can involve the entire production chain from the idea to the finished product or be composed only of single production steps.

Our success is built on short delivery routes and in-depth support of projects by our researchers.

We are highly versed in the research and development of medical products, cosmetic products, disinfectants, consumer products, and finding solutions to the challenges of technical cleaning.

We were already able to find multiple innovative solutions in those areas. You can find a selection of said solutions within our in-house products section here.

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Innovative products with quick delivery periods.