We at DMG Chemie develop, produce and market our own products and product ranges for corporations and end customers.

Car cleaning and maintenance products

CAR.go professional

A product range for intensive cleaning of any and all surfaces of vehicles, both on the inside and outside. CAR.go is even suitable for delicate surfaces such as displays, speedometers, and navigation devices.

Great cleaning power and long term care

Economical in use, up to 30 uses per unit

Incredible results on all surfaces

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Disinfectant and germicid cleansing agents

T-CLEAN Desinfection

T-CLEAN Desinfection are ready-to-use disinfectants for surfaces with an alcohol base that is highly effective against coronaviruses. T-CLEAN Desinfection is especially useful for disinfecting small surfaces (up to 2m²) after testing material compatibility.

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Maintenance cleaning cleansing agents


Our T-CLEAN range provides easy and quick maintenance cleaning solutions with our 4 color system. The protected process allows for an easy-to-understand and auditable option for you and your cleaning service provider.
In addition to our maintenance cleaning products T-CLEAN Office (blue), T-CLEAN Toilet (red), T-CLEAN Sanitary (yellow), and T-CLEAN Cooking (green) we also offer the specialty cleaning products T-CLEAN Glass, T-CLEAN Desinfection, T-CLEAN AntiGraffiti, and T-CLEAN Steel.
No bacterial transmission or cross-contamination
Time savings due to lack of set-up times
cost savings because of ideally pre-soaked wet wipes
wet wipes are 100% biodegradable

No bacterial transmission or cross-contamination

Time savings due to lack of set-up times

Cost savings because of ideally pre-soaked wet wipes

Wet wipes are 100% biodegradable

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Asphalt remover, bitumen remover and construction machinery cleaner

Here we introduce our products specifically designed for the construction sector.
Bitumenlöser H3(highly viscous) for example is a label-free mostly scent-free paste that can be spread on vertical surfaces without running. The effect already sets in during application but will stay active for multiple days thereafter.

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Graffiti removal cleansing agents – easy and clean – even for private customers

TAG.ex professional

The pre-soaked wet wipes are particularly suited for removing paint from plastic surfaces, glass, or metal.
This highly innovative graffiti remover stands out because of its pleasant scent and thus is also very suitable for use indoors. With TAG.ex professional you can easily and gently remove all kinds of staining and graffiti off of all smooth surfaces– without additional retention devices or complicated techniques.
Stained surfaces attract copycats. Remove illegal graffiti now with TAG.ex professional!

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Railway vehicle cleansing agents

In this product range, you can find graffiti removers, wipes for inside use as well as disinfecting wet wipes for surfaces. These are suitable for mechanical and manual cleaning of railway vehicles.
If you are interested in our products for your vehicle fleet, please contact us!

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Temporary graffiti safeguard (sacrificial coating, sacrificial layer)

Some surfaces are irresistible to sprayers. The application of a graffiti sacrificial coating layer eases clean-up and prevents deep penetration of surfaces with paint.
If you have any questions please contact us anytime.

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Industrial cleaning and commercial special applications

We already offer solutions for special problems like the removal of old paint coats, printing inks, foiling different workshop cloths, or cleaning of oil-stained elevator shafts or stainless steel.
If you have a problem you can not find a solution for in our product range please feel free to ask us anytime.

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