Research, Product Development and Contract Production

  • Do you need support with a research project?
  • Or are you looking for a development partner for innovative chemical products?
  • Do you want to further develop existing products or are you looking to substitute certain raw materials in existing formulas?
  • Do you need a reliable partner and contract bottler?
  • Then we are your partner!

Contract Research

Regarding contract research we offer contributions to research projects in our core fields of surfactant chemistry, cleaning products, surface protection and formulas with micro- and nano- emulsions. we can also help you to choose, conceptualize and apply for state subsidized research projects.
With or without subsidies: We are your reliable partner for the development of formulas with the exact criteria that meet your needs. If a one time or continuous search for substitute ingredients, the adaptation of existing formulas to comply with new guidelines or their general improvement, we can help. If needed we will also help with the patent process and brand registration. Additionally we are always available to answer questions regarding regulatory affairs.

auftragsforschung_formulierungen_mikroemulsion nanoemulsionen

Product Development

We will accompany your product idea for your special application needs up until the final product.

Together we will strive to meet your individual goals and deliver prototypes, pilot runs and test batches as well as, if need be, final safety data sheets and etiquettes (white lables) with your design.

From your idea to the patent we will also support your product development and after the transition of the formula we can also formulate and bottle for you. At this point your safety and absolute discretion are of the utmost importance for us.

Serial production, as well as contract production.

We will gladly take on manufacturing of the developed product or of the white label. The same can also be said for classic contract filling of raw materials provided by you.

You can either choose to provide us with the finished product for bottling or have us manufacture your product out of raw materials. There are multiple options for bottling liquid products in small containers, as well as soaked products, etiquette and confectioning.

DMG Chemie can provide flexible production solutions and experienced personnel so that we can find individual solutions for your specific needs, even in small batches.



Concerning new or bigger production projects we offer our experience and support for scale transfer from the smallest scale up to ton scale.
Required process adaptations and improvements as well as adaptation of existing formulas will be accompanied by highly qualified PhDs and our own research laboratory.

Storage and Distribution

Once the development, registration and pilot run phases are complete, we offer storage, distribution to the end customer and acquisition of raw materials for startups. (Fullfillment).

Upon request your products can be economically managed as consignment or comission storage.